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  • WASM 3D

    What is WASM? WASM is short for Web Assembly. JavaScript is a high-level interpreted programming language. High-level means it’s convinient for humans, at the expense of performance (and security). An interpreted language differs from a compiled program, in the fact that it requires and intermediary to interpret it, while a compiled program speaks the language of the audience. By nature, a compiled program uses less resources. For many years browsers were able to interpret JavaScript, making the World Wide Web a dynamic place.

  • F1 2022 with McLaren MP4/4 Livery

    My favorite F1 livery on the 2022 F1 car

    F1 2022 with McLaren MP4/4 Livery
  • F1 3D model for WebXR

    From Blender to WebXR with aframe.io

    F1 3D model for WebXR