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F1 3D model for WebXR

F1 3D model for WebXR

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  • AR is not available in iOS
  • Use WASD to move around
  • Click and drag to look around

3D Model


First 3D model iteration

Second 3D model iteration

Third 3D model iteration

At this point the mesh was a mess. I wanted to have a cleaner mesh, because that would make it easier to adjust.

So I turned to YouTube and found this amazing tutorial:

Then started from scratch and in no time I made this (also I went for a zero-sidepods look like the Mercedes team):

Fourth 3D model iteration

Fifth 3D model iteration



More detail to the side pods

Halo and environment image

Larger sidepods and some textures

Carbon fiber and tire materials

F1 VR Room

I used the F1 model to decorate my F1 VR Room: F1 VR Room