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  • WASM 3D

    What is WASM? WASM is short for Web Assembly. JavaScript is a high-level interpreted programming language. High-level means it’s convinient for humans, at the expense of performance (and security). An interpreted language differs from a compiled program, in the fact that it requires and intermediary to interpret it, while a compiled program speaks the language of the audience. By nature, a compiled program uses less resources. For many years browsers were able to interpret JavaScript, making the World Wide Web a dynamic place.

  • Vim First Steps

    Jump to the cheat sheet! First step, option A: Vim in VS Code Start learning vim by installing this VIM extension in VS Code. First step, option B Install neovim, or a preconfigured setup like LunarVim (this is the one I’m currently using). There’s a whole playlist from ThePrimeagen. Don’t use it to code just yet Use vim to take notes. Create a Markdown file to write down your daily to-do’s.

  • The Math in Neural Networks

    These are quick notes about this topic that interests me. It’s an evolving article, so bare with me while I gather my thoughts and stitch them all together. From ChatGPT There is no single mathematical proof that neural networks work in general. However, there are many mathematical results that provide theoretical guarantees for the performance of neural networks under certain conditions. One of the key results in the theory of neural networks is the universal approximation theorem, which states that a feedforward neural network with a single hidden layer containing a sufficient number of units can approximate any continuous function to arbitrary accuracy.

  • Is AI a threat?

    Marvin Minsky, who was a pioneering computer scientist and artificial intelligence (AI) researcher, would likely have a complex and nuanced view on the topic of sentient AI. Minsky was a strong proponent of the idea that it is possible to create machines that are capable of thinking and reasoning like humans, and he believed that this was an important goal for AI research. In his book “The Society of Mind,” Minsky argued that the human mind is made up of many different interconnected processes, and that it is possible to create a machine that has a similar structure and function.

  • Graphql vs gRPC

    TL;DR GraphQL and gRPC are two different technologies that are used in software development to enable efficient communication between different systems. This article discusses the main differences between the two technologies, including their architecture, data formats, and language support. It also explains the pros and cons of using each technology, and compares and contrasts their use cases. Finally, the article provides examples of companies and organizations that have successfully used either GraphQL or gRPC in their systems.

  • Work in progress

    Enter the hangar F1 race charts

  • F1 2022 with McLaren MP4/4 Livery

    My favorite F1 livery on the 2022 F1 car

    F1 2022 with McLaren MP4/4 Livery
  • F1 VR Room

    VR room built with

    F1 VR Room
  • Mini Mustang P-51D FPV

    We put a camera on this mini RC plane. And it’s amazing

    Mini Mustang P-51D FPV
  • F1 3D model for WebXR

    From Blender to WebXR with

    F1 3D model for WebXR
  • Getting started with FPV drones

    Choose all the parts you need for a FPV drone

    Getting started with FPV drones