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  • Education: Computer Science Engineer, TEC Costa Rica
  • Specialization: Cloud SaaS Architectures, Design Systems, Software Management
  • Interests: Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics


  • Strategic
  • Learner
  • Achiever
  • Futuristic
  • Relator


  • TypeScript, JavaScript, Golang
  • React, Vue, Lit, Angular
  • Zustand, Pinia, Redux
  • MSWjs, GraphQL, Swagger, Postman
  • Unit testing (jest, mocha, vitest)
  • ESlint, prettier
  • WebGL, ThreeJS, A-frame
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB
  • AWS
    • S3, Lambda, CloudFront, Route53, Cognito, SQS, EC2, RDS, CodeBuild, CodePipeline
  • GCP
    • Firebase, Datastore, BigQuery, ComputeEngine, Cloud Run, Cloud Build
  • Azure
    • DevOps
  • ElasticSearch (OpenSearch), Kibana
  • nvim, git, tmux, lazygit
  • Unix, Raspberry, Arduino
  • Unity


  • Blender
  • Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Gimp


  • Web Development Lead, Accenture, Costa Rica

    • Nov 2019 – present (>3 yrs)
    • Worked with AI scientist and full-stack developers to transform experiments into real products. I designed the cloud architectures, lead the development team, and created a design system library that helped reduce the time and effort of building functional prototypes and demos
    • Tech Lead for B2B Growth, winner of The Sammy 2021
  • Full-stack Web Developer, Freelance, Costa Rica

    • Jan 2018 - Oct 2019 (1 yr 10 mos)
  • Founder & Director of Web Development, Interaction, Costa Rica

    • Jan 2010 - Dec 2017 (8 yrs)
    • Client relationship, agile project management, team coaching, full-stack architecture design, code reviews
    • CRM strategies, lead generation, inbound marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), digital advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), A/B testing
  • Masters Program Digital Analyst, INCAE Business School, Costa Rica

    • Sep 2010 - Apr 2012 (1 yr 8 mos)
    • Implementation of a CRM for higher education including deep recruitment process understanding for chances to improve funnel rates and prospect experience
    • Building of custom reports and interfaces with the CRM, for recruitment and decision making
    • Lead generation strategies, e-mail marketing, web design and development
  • Web Developer, at a small web design studio, Costa Rica

    • Feb 2009 – Ago 2010 (1 yr 6 mos)


I’m a computer science engineer specialized in full-stack web development and architecture design for cloud solutions with 12+ years of experience managing teams. I’m a former entrepreneur and founded a successful advertising agency, which gave me my background in web design, UX, and marketing.

Last 3 years, I have been working on transforming AI experiments into real life products at Accenture.

In my personal time, I have been experimenting with computer graphics, and robotics, with the goal of combining that with my background in cloud technologies and AI integrations.

Since I was very young, I’ve been passionate about cars, inventing, and coding. I became a computer engineer to harness the power behind coding – the greatest tool for creativity and innovation – and, during my free time, I’m a karting and eSports driver. I’ve competed in the Costa Rica Karting Championship in 2018 and the Costa Rica Virtual Racing Championship in 2020.

I believe if I could go back in time, young Martin would be proud of the person I’ve become and the fact that I’ve always done what I truly loved.

This is my personal website. You’ll find here what I care to document and share. It’s also my playground to test web technologies.

Favorite tools:

  • neovim for coding and writing (I like markdown better than docx)
  • lunarvim
  • lazygit
  • Excalidraw as a virtual whiteboard. Not for collaborative work. Useful for drafting diagrams, instead of going with UML at first.
  • for editing markdown if you don’t have your IDE with markdown preview and mermaid extensions.
  • mermaid
  • PlantUML